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Socialize with an everlasting impression!

Etiquette is a very important factor in determining the success or failure of a business or a person, Etiquette is the way a person presents himself to others, being comfortable and making other people around comfortable. In a world where expanding any business needs interaction with people from different cultures and traditions, one needs to keep several points in mind while interacting with them to leave an everlasting impression.

 Sangeeta S Bahl, a certified Corporate Image and Etiquette Consultant has successfully helped people unleash their potential to make a stellar impact in their respective goals.


A model, actress and now an image, etiquette and colour consultant, she, under the banner of Image Impact, provides exclusive services to enhance appearance, behaviour and communication for a better future.

She is a certified corporate Image and Etiquette consultant, owner of Impact image consultants and also the co-author of "Executive Etiquette Power".

According to Sangeeta S Bahl almost everyone is a trifle nervous or anxious to meet new people at any social event. Good Etiquette opens doors and engenders outmost trust from others.

According to her one should follow few networking strategies to emerge as a winner and a confident person. These are as follows:

Do your homework about people you are likely to meet
Once you know, why you are going to an event and whom you want to meet, google the guest names for learning more about them.. When introduced, you will feel more confident and have relevant topics to discuss thereby leaving lasting impressions.
Make an elevator statement
Take control of the most important brand you represent-yourself. Be sure to create a well-rehearsed tagline, or a short way to sum up who you are. For Example" I am Sangeeta 'A lady who unleashes your potential to make you a winner".
Dress for your age and Occasion
Everything about you should spell quality and class and that way you will be taken seriously. Even the photographers will be making a beeline for you. Carry sufficient Business cards with you in one pocket to be able to easily find them when needed. Your purse can carry the ones you receive.

Check your Image before entering the party zone
First Impressions are lasting impressions. Make sure yours is priceless.
Take a moment to breathe and focus your confidence before you enter the room/party
Chin up, posture perfect. Before you walk into the room, remember you're on a mission-to connect with people you don't usually have an opportunity to meet. And remember, you have things to offer too (and you've gone over in detail, often, what those things are before you go to this event).
Look like someone you'd want to know
Make sure you set your face in a pleasant and approachable expression (practice with the mirror, a friend or video camera if you're not sure what your default expression is). Cameras capture all expressions. Leave an aura around you.
Remember why you are there
Social Networking events are never about the food or drink. "No one invites us anywhere because they believe we need to be fed. Take heed, and don't be in a rush to grab hors d'oeuvres or a drink. And be sure to eat something beforehand so you don't arrive starving. Do not make a beeline for the bar as soon as you arrive.
Hold your drink in your left hand, and always carry a cocktail napkin
Make sure your right hand is readily available to shake others' hands.
Know whom to approach, and how long to stay
Approach singles and groups of three as those who are alone will likely welcome the company. As for groups of three, generally a fourth person will nicely round the group out (in other words, one person is likely "odd man out"). Sangeeta says that when Social networking, it's a good idea to keep your chats short-from three to seven minutes. "Seven minutes max, because you've got a lot of people to meet." And when possible, introduce the person you're leaving to someone else.
Mind your manners when meeting people
Make good eye contact, give a firm handshake and repeat the person's name when you are introduced. A few of the most common: only talking with people you already know, ignoring people because you believe their rank to be less significant than your own, and talking too much (and listening too little). Be sure not to monopolize anyone's time, or ignore others. Being friendly and approachable is a key to success during social networking.
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