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Nitya Bajaj Birla

The fashion police zooms in on the style sensibility of India’s Champagne Brigade, Style Divas, and Fashion Victims spotted at the most sought-after saucy soirees, rave parties, and let-lose occasions. Let’s have a look at what our Style Analyst Nitya Bajaj Birla has to say....


Karishma Kapoor
At a recent launch, Karisma Kapoor was spotted in her impeccable sense of style and her signature elegance.
The look was safe yet impactful.

I like the fact that she lifted the look by adding nude shoes and a statement neckpiece! Thumbs up to such a clean look!


Too much pink
Love this colour on Tanisha in her James Ferreira dress! However I feel the makeup should have been a little subtle than too much of the match-up in the pink tones! I think the clutch and the dress are a statement individually, therefore the crystal clutch is too much with this beautiful drape! Something more subtle in terms of accessories (bag and shoes), makeup and minimal jewellery would have worked and make the dress leave the maximum impact which it deserves! The ring works well as a minimal statement jewellery piece and hair make people spell-bound!




Pam Mehta and Tanisha Mohan
Both the ladies chose to wear printed maxis to this do! Looks summer-y, however I feel that Pam’s print would have worked well during a day event!
Tanisha’s print is beautifully engineered and the colours luk nice on her. However I feel that the similar animal print shawl is too much of a match-up! Her makeup and hair are nicely done. She could have easily done away with the tan belt! It’s unnecessary !


Citrus-Natasha Poonawala
Left: The bebe dress has beautiful colours set together in pleasant colour-blocking. A brighter mouth would have lifted the washed out face. However, the tan bag is a good choice to opt for as with such a bright palette the accessories need to be subtle. However, I wish that she should have matched her tan bag with tan shoes as well! Right: With such a tricky colour, Natasha manages to make a statement with her subtle nude tone makeup and tan toned bag! I don’t favour the pointed shoes too much, however I love the way she has added the statement neckpiece to add spark to such a fun outfit!



Red alert
Right: the colours are bright and fun and the silhouette looks amazing! However the accessories, especially the earrings seem to distract from the overall look. The accessories could have been minimal. She could have easily done away with the neck chain if she wanted to flaunt such statement earrings or she could have kept the chain and avoided the earrings completely.
The makeup is a little loud, with such an impactful dress, she should have kept the eyes heavy and mouth nude!


Both the ladies have worked their looks well.
Left: The printed maxi falls well on Vandy. She has accessorised her look well. The statement neckpiece, subtle makeup and minimal jewellery all make it work for her.
Right: The lady looks amazing in such a fresh palette! love the colour, the drapery of her silhouette and the way she has lifted it with the embellished statement cuff! Such a colour needs to have a bold makeup and she has worked it well with a coloured mouth. A thumbs up to both the ladies!




Both the ladies have worn interesting prints.
Left: Kimi Tej is wearing an interesting print with beautiful feminine colours but her look still looks incomplete. She could have worn a statement hand cuff to complete it! Her hands look incomplete. She could have managed a better hair do as it looks un-done!
Right: The gradual print works for her body well. The bag and stole go well with the look, however I wish that she could have added a hint of color somewhere, be it in terms of shoes or probably a brighter lip colour or may be a different colour neckpiece as it seems to get lost in the print!


Black is the safest colour to wear, but at times cameras can make it look ghastly! Every black is a different colour and the camera flashes can tell u that! Deepali’s look is safe and mundane. She has tried to add the checkered stole but it’s not adding to the outfit too much! Instead of the gold chain with a pendant probably a nice bold statement neckpiece would have worked!
Right: The digital printed jacket is quite interesting, however the look lacks accessories, a statement accessory like a bold ring, a neckpiece or a nice belt would have added to the look!
Also she has tried to break the monotony of black by wearing coloured socks but they don’t seem to work here. The hair is stylish but such an exotic jacket needs to be played with, the look could have been a lot more fun.

Salloli Kumar
“Mwuah mwuah” your way to the top!

With the autumn winter collections being showcased at almost every fashion hotspot in the country, the champagne brigade seems to have found a new way to get noticed. Business aside, these fashion and stylish living events serve as the perfect platform for fashionistas to “Mwuah Mwuah” themselves to the top of the social heap.

Known as “air-kissing”, this form of social kissing can be traced to the French concept of “faire la bise”. Like all things French, kissing the air behind your ears is a subtle art that the social elite have cultivated to perfection. Several socialites around the world lead by glam dolls Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have made an entire career out of air kissing.

Closer home, social butterflies Queenie Dhody, Tanisha Mohan, and Ramola Bachhan are running the party circuit on their perfectly manicured finger tips.
At a recent do by designer Neeru Kumar at Olive, “mwuah mwuah” was in full glory. The ladies and gents of the first row found an ever perfect excuse to air kiss their way in to Page 3 and other party pages of the glossies. Many of them probably never say hello to each other, otherwise.

However, air-kissing is always like a gourmet dish that needs to sit perfectly on the social palate of your connoisseur onlooker. And if you cannot do it well, don’t take the chance at all. Former minister and personal champion of many social causes, Renuka Choudhary elucidates air-kissing as ‘such a warm way of greeting.’

“It helps in breaking the tension of many social hierarchies and puts everyone at ease. It’s a great way to get the party started,” she adds tongue-in-cheek.
Jan Handerson, High Commissioner of New Zealand to India has an interesting point to note. She finds the “mwuah mwuah” culture of New Delhi much more restrained than what she has observed internationally.
Vesna Jacob, fitness expert, and Liz Verma, formal model, both conclude that they would only kiss those they like or they would just turn their face as they don’t find any point in being generous with their social kissing.
Well, you can appreciate the subtle ice breaking quality of this gesture or absolutely abhor it for its snob quotient, but it’s always good to know how it is really done. So ladies and gentlemen, here’s your air-kissing 101 to get you started on your social ladder!
1. You need to be totally perfumed behind your ears.
2. Purse your mouth; aim half way between the ear and cheek.
3. Kiss both the cheeks.
4. Do not touch your mouth to cheek; it’s always cheek to cheek.
5. Contact is not always necessary unless and until you are truly close.
6. Remember a pro at the game never leaves her lipstick mark…nope..nothing too personal about this kiss
1. Never get too personal. Don’t grab please!!
2. Just smell the perfume and kiss the air to glory.
3. Of course you can make the “mwuah mwuah” noise and punctuate it with “You looking gorgeous, awesome” and other flattering vocabulary.
4. Please remember after air kissing… move on in exactly two minutes. A true pro will never overstay.
5. The social set? You never ever sweat. It is absolutely taboo in the socialite world even if it is 45 degrees C outside.
6. Control the body, too much of quick movement never helped anyone. It can actually lead to embarrassing situations like wardrobe malfunction or even worse, it might land the kiss on the mouth.

So ladies and gentlemen! Air kiss yourself to the top…mwuah mwuah till we meet again.
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