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Jewelry to Watch Out For
Hand-crafted, exquisite jewelry is a specialty of Apala, by Sumit Sawhney whose latest is the royal Mughal collection 

Apala, or “the most beautiful” in Sanskrit, is a unique line of specially hand crafted jewelry based on silver with exclusive designs, founded in 2006 by Sumit Sawhney, Sumit, a student of the Gemological Institute of America, has mastered each design at Apala to reflect a different style and mood, fusing Indian motifs with contemporary forms.

Sumit has also launched the new Tomb Collection. He has an immense fascination for Delhi’s tombs, their architecture, texture of the stones, detailing on the ceilings, carvings, and doors, inlays, and jaalis.This has led him to dedicate the latest jewelry collection to the Mughal royalty.

“I want to bring to the world that Mughals have notable contribution in the world of art and architecture,” says Sumit, who is deeply influenced by the ornamentation on tombs and the architectural formations.

Needless to say, the tomb jewelry collection has contemporary and Mughal twist, which evokes love and takes you to the era of beauty.


Exclusive and exquisite
Apala has the most exquisite, elegant, and stunning pieces of jewelry in silver with precious and semi-precious stones in both Victorian and traditional designs.

The stones are set in pure silver and most are rare pieces with an international aesthetic that has its roots in thousands of years of India’s design heritage, including extravagant concepts from the Raj and Mughal eras.

Whether you want a designer jewelry piece for a wedding occasion or cocktail or just a piece to go along with your office attire.

You will find something for yourself at this store located in Hauz Khas village in Delhi and Galleria market in Gurgaon. Sumit also consults brides for the right jewelry to coordinate their trousseau.

He fuses some rare manufacturing techniques of intricately carving gemstones with Mughal jaalis in silver. He is a master of his own craft of using kundan motifs with contemporary forms and textures and creating one of its kind exclusive jewelry.

Celebrating Womanhood!
The trendsetter in the fashion industry for foraying the costume and accessory designing together, the talented designer Nitya Bajaj is known name to silver screen and soap operas. Designed with panache, her label represents multicultural, multifaceted lifestyles of today’s woman who believes in elegant, luxurious, timeless and in an effortless piece of art.

Nitya, an NIFT, New Delhi graduate and one of the eleven finalists of the reality show “Lets Design” has been designing for various bollywood celebrities and daily soap stars like Minissha Lamba, Prachi Desai, Bhavna Pani, Anjana Sukhani, Sonal Chauhan, Suchitra Pillai, Koel Puri, Vidya Malvade, Reshmi Ghosh, Claudia Ciesla, Kalki Koechlin, anusha dandekar, and Vida Samadzai to name a few.

According to Nitya Bajaj Fashion is an individual statement, a designer enhances that individuality with his/her sign-ature. The Label “Nitya Bajaj” celebrates “womanhood” the feminity, the elegance and the power of being a “She”. Explaining her style statement, designer Nitya Bajaj says “Surface texturing has always been a forte and playing with fabric has always been inspiring, and maintaining the feminity, we have always created interesting surfaces by using embroidery as texture and portrayed movements by drapery.”
The Delhi based designer enhances an individual’s statement with her strong combination of accessories and dresses. Managing the two big turfs- fashion and accessory together, Nitya Bajaj has stand out herself from the other people of her race.
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