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Irresistible art at the most affordable price

Since art is fast making inroads into celebrity homes, office spaces and corporate houses, we at endeavor to identify out-of-the-box creative strokes to expose them to the art connoisseurs. Art Curry, one-of-a-kind Online Art Gallery has picked up therapeutic, visually enticing and affordable art by India’s Most Promising New Turks to spruce up the ambience at personal space, workplace, leisure spots, body pampering and wellness centers. These artworks are unique in their own way and can be available at a reasonable price. We are sure your style-consciousness would definitely be addressed by them. 

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Ajay Rajpal
About the artist

In a world like ours where money and brands are given more importance than intellect or creativity, it is quite a challenge to reach the top rung of the success ladder in the world of art. One has to either have contacts in the political world or have enough money to make these contacts. Either way, it is not the easiest thing in the world but it is definitely not impossible. Ajay Rajpal is an artist who combines his quirky outlook on life with his talent and gives way to creations that are peppered with tranquility and ‘insane’ elements at the same time. He has a degree in Bcom Honors and is a part of the IIC (India International Centre) in Delhi.
He fell in love with the palette at a very young age and taught himself everything he knows. He says that he gets his inspiration from Shri Ram Kumar who according to him is a legend and somebody who managed to perfect his talent in the field of abstract and landscape art simultaneously.


According to Krishen Khanna, this ambitious artist should try and confine himself to a few colors instead of the entire rainbow, so to say. However, Ajay Rajpal prefers to use every color to its greatest extent and needless to say, he knows what he is doing. What he does is segregate the empty canvas into a number of sections and work with each sphere individually. His style is simple but it will blow you away because his restless spirit will be apparent the minute you lay your eyes on his beautiful creations. His pieces literally vibrate with brilliance and the colors he uses come together to evoke a sense of serenity and peaceful stillness. Neither is his vision limited in any way, nor is the target group that will appreciate his art. In other words, his work is diverse enough to tap into some emotion in all of us. Ajay Rajpal is a promising artist and it will not be an exaggeration to say that his landscapes as well as abstracts are deep enough to enthrall you and leave you wanting more.



He picks a parched leaf and places it in lovingly front of his camera. For the next 10 minutes he caresses it through different angles of his lens – almost as if it were a live model. This is Sundeep Bali, an up and coming lens-based artist best acknowledged for his out-of-the-box aesthetic permutations and combinations. We take a closer look at his creative rendezvous …
Looking at nature in both crude as well as serene forms connects him to an all-pervading consciousness. “It is almost hypnotic - capturing the different moods of Mother Nature to highlight the hidden signs of wisdom that an ordinary person fails to perceive.

Each picture shot in this state turns out to be immortal for an evolved mind that looks for meaning of life beyond the normal,” says Bali whose photographic art is something that all discerning connoisseurs should be taking a good look at.
After completing his graduation in Earth Sciences from Hansraj College New Delhi, Bali went on a rock collection spree - to indulge his obsession for unusual rocks and stones – traversing the length and the breadth of the country. During his jaunts he realized that the multi-directional artist in him needed another dimension to satisfy his creative thirst and he shortly began a romance with the camera. He finished his masters in Heritage Management before training his eye on the myriad forms of flora and fauna – the intoxicating beauty of meadows, chaos of day-to-day life, complexities of human relationships, passion for objects of desire, and out-of-the-box shapes and forms that one encounters on a daily basis.

Determined on doing things differently, Bali has set his eyes on ushering in a visual revolution wherein he also works with video art forms to highlight the difference between photography as an art medium and as a means of objective documentation. 

Inspired by the iconic art personalities including Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Tyeb Mehta, Raghu Rai and Subodh Gupta, Bali’s work spectrum ranges from pristine nature to harshness of life and commercial photography. He has created breathtaking images of stark landscapes, the energy of a sudden summer shower… and more. “Sometimes I also use multimedia devices to mix art photography with computer generated graphics,” says this innovative talent whose studio in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi doesn’t take long to put you into transcendental ecstasy the moment you look at the pictures he has placed there.
Bali’s recent assignments include curation and co-ordination of ‘Anne Frank: A History for Today’, a travelling exhibition designed by the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam and supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy. Bali took the exhibition to six cities across India and quite successfully exposed this unusual work to a broad audience in India. He has also researched resources and methodologies for communication of visual arts at the National Gallery of Art and the Freer & Sackler Galleries at Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. His second solo show ‘Eclectic Kitsch’ held in 2006 was an experiment wherein the artist questioned the conventions of thematic exhibitions by mounting several series of unrelated photographs. The international art fraternity - as a gesture of promoting upcoming talents -- identified his creative potential and accorded him a US Fulbright Fellowship in Visual Arts.

According to noted art historian Kritica Namchu, Bali’s work and his creative leanings are quite similar to the works of Picasso and Man Ray. “Sundeep has more than a fair inkling of his quest and grail. With indefatigable spirit he mows into fresh challenges…perhaps we are witness to a struggle in the making of a Renaissance Man.”

With Bali’s eye trained on capturing unusual moments and his intense passion for decoding life, one can assume that his work caters to the minds of evolved taste. And that’s probably the reason why he has recently diversified into fashion photography where his larger than life images reflect his close encounter with unusual moments captured through his lens. 

He lets his sculpted characters play a wide variety of roles including intense desire for causal bliss, emotional entanglement in relationships and complex issues concerning day-to-day life. Having achieved many milestones in his artistic journey as a bronze sculptor, Gagan Vij is once again ready to showcase his latest creative rendezvous "Proud Virginity (Naam Nihad Pakeezgi), under 'Crushed Moon' series.

With a central character who is a half donkey, the artist has beautifully captured the romantic helpless heart of an individual and at the same time dealt with virginity which in itself becomes too proud complicating the desires of self and others within its range.
It's a satire on our society that celebrates virginity and then tries to steal its innocence as well. "It is a restless definition where virginity is a symbol of purity to be called nargis and is also a captive of narcissus. It seems virginity is nothing beyond its name and is just for the sake of it, naam nihad pakeezgi," explains Gagan.
Always high on intense passion to redefine sculpture the artist comments on his works as ‘Human bodies with hunger for intelligence sailing through perplexed areas of their thoughts’.
In the recent past Gagan has had the privilege of undertaking commissioned works that he sculpted in his signature style. What brings sculpture lovers closer to him is his unique style of creative rendition where he lets his characters perform their desires freely.
At the beginning of his work he is the bigger self-character as most of his characters are reasoning with self. As the work starts taking a physical shape he becomes a very small substance and just an audience in comparison to the interacting sculpted characters.
"I feel it is always easier to have a work understood when the work starts asking questions, rather than delivering answers. In physical terms, the bondage among figures surprising each other is what I thrive to achieve."

Artwork on display:
Venue: Gallery Art Pilgrim
A-689A, Sushant Lok-1, Opposite Laburnam, Gurgaon
Contact: Geeta Singh (9810032875), Gagan Vij (9818430601)
For more artworks, kindly visit :

Sangeeta Malhotra
5 Reasons to go for
Sangeeta Malhotra
  • Contemporary themes to spruce up personal    space. 
  • Exotic motifs to suit modern living.
  • Splash of colors to brighten up your mood.
  • Perceptions to reflect emotions that you    encounter on  daily basis.
  • Affordable prices to suit every art    enthusiast’s pocket.

    About the artist

    For more than a decade, Sangeeta has been using colors & brush to depict human characteristics, such as emotions, feelings and sensations, to inanimate objects or to nature. Her loose painterly brushwork captures the changing moods of the natural world and her inner, imaginative yet closet to life, response to it. Formed and re-formed through color and tone, shapes shift, billow and blend, her artwork is both sober and sensuous. Reminiscent of Sangeeta’s life, as well as the immediacy of the abstract expressionists, these paintings allow the viewer to form their own associations and subjective relationship to the images."She likes using colors to create artwork that involve and intrigue the viewer.

    She takes ideas from around and within herself, using intuition and imagination to create a new context. Much of her work stems from her subconscious, where she sees actions, events and ideas as particular shapes and colors. With her recent experimentation with Charcoal, she has created abstract nude forms on paper….I dare to bare  is what she calls her latest Charcoal creations which were on display at her last Exhibition at the Epicentre, Gurgaon in Oct,08. Sangeeta’s passion for art and sensitivity for color combinations is extraordinary. Her color palette varies widely from bold to subdued, allowing her to convey widely varying moods and temperatures in each painting. When looking at her paintings you are compelled to think of your favorite color, even if you didn't know you had one. That’s Sangeeta’s Art.
    1. Standing Tall – A step ahead always: That's Life.
    (Rs. 24,000)
    2. Substance – Essential to survive. (Rs. 9,000)
    4. Tranquility – Disposition free from stress. (Rs. 16,000)
    5. Circles of Life – Competing with Self. (Rs. 16,000)
    6. Essence – Invariable & Indispensable. (Rs. 9,000)
    7. Fusion2 – Melting relations under heat of life (Rs. 4,500)
    8. Goal – Inspiring Perseverance. (Rs. 12,000)
    9. Hope – Never say No, Reviving Desire to live & struggle.
    (Rs. 18,000)
    10. Perceptions – Insight & believing in own self. (Rs. 18,000)
    11. Eternity. Price on request.
    12. I dare to bare
    13. Mystery

    For more artworks, kindly visit :


    5 Reasons to go for
    Niladri Paul

  • Vibrant hues and bold brush-strokes on the most contemporary palette.

  • An amazing infusion of imagination in earthy flavours.

  • A maverick palette – an experiment with new textures and lines to translate India’s ancient and rich cultaural heritage.

  • A display of performing arts through vivacious pigments.

  • A positive euphoria on canvas with enchanting pigments and luminescent forms.
    About the artist

    Niladri’s idiom is more transcendental, rising above mere craftsmanship, to make his visual repertory a positive rhythmic force. A phenomenal use of vivacious colors neutralized by a distinct use of seraphic white as a color with extremely spirited, bold brushstrokes lend Niladri’s paintings an eloquently serene aura, which is almost devotional and not representational in spirit. His unconstrained and maverick palette harmonizes remarkably with the deeply meditative virtuosity of rhythm, making each work resonate with the sound of the instrument being played .Indeed very much like music, that gives us both ,roots and wings !The spirit of music and the sound of rhythm are all pervasive in our cultural ethos, deeply engrained as it is in our religion, mythology, folklore and everyday rituals, in our celebrations and even in our mourning.


    It evokes the deepest nostalgia of our souls, elevating our emotional consciousness to the realms of the sublime. Niladri’s unique rendering of these spontaneous and instinctive nuances almost convey the spiritual ecstasy of the infinity of music in such a way as to make one succumb to the physical experience of sound. He uses his forceful skill to express an ethereal ideal and not simply to create beautiful people. Hence, the unmistakable air of godliness and purity evinced by all his figures in blissful environs.

      1.   2..
      3.   4.
      5.   6.
    Prices on request
    For more artworks, kindly visit :
    The strength of art's strokes changes as rapidly as time. The creators of these imaginative visions also undergo transformations with advancing time.


    The fragile and the beautiful. Very perspective with an observation that translated into million strokes. The generation of Great Masters of Indian art did not break rules of dressing even if their creations were beyond the social parameters and often revolutionary. They dressed with supine dignity as per society norms letting their art take over the limelight.


    Somewhere in the 1970s the bohemian spirit of that decade and the one preceding it took over the art fraternity, who decided to remain austere yet imbibe an almost uniform of khadi kurtas and cotton sling "Jholas" as a signature. Unkempt appearance, unironed sarees and Kolhapuris became the norm. Perhaps an offshoot of the Gandhian approach to life, austerity often crept into their art, which vividly depicted the era's hungry and poor.


    Indian art today sells for millions of rupees and is throbbing. Don't expect its creators to walk within strict parameters of dressing. With new found economic windfall you may notice a sea change in their style of presenting themselves. Gone is the "living-on-the-edge-of-poverty" attitude.
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