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Shopping for Faith


Mira Nehra, 37, an up class socialite is also a self confessed religious shopper. She is currently rejuvenating her soul at an ashram in Rishikesh.
Mira has tried many spiritual practices and admits to spending many thousands of rupees to cleanse her soul. She has finally found her solace in meditation.
For many like Mira, religious or spiritual shopping is not just hopping from one religion to another, but a simple and interesting experience of shopping for unique spiritual products.
And this is where West2India comes in. A leading brand of over 10,000 spiritual items from Mumbai, West2India offers a wide range of puja items and handicrafts, which serve the purpose of bringing premium spiritual decor to your surroundings.


Puja at your Doorstep

Available as an online puja store, you can order a host of spiritual products from the convenience of your home or work desk.

The store stocks some of the most exquisite elements used as puja articles in Indian rituals like marble, silver, brass, and mix metal. You can also shop for panchdhatu idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Goddess Durga, Ma Laxmi, and Lord Balaji. On offer are also yantra and pyramids for prosperity and wellness, marble vases with meenakari work, tea kettles and hookahs in meenakari work, wall hangings, marble plate paintings, diyas, elegant puja thalis, and temple decoration.

All these products and more are available at

In keeping with the changing taste of spiritual shoppers, West2India wants to promote spirituality by educating people while at the same time helping them shed myths associated with it.

Mira is one of those bhakts who certainly finds this store interesting. The products are exclusive and service is great, she says while closing her eyes to awaken her soul.

By Deepali Soni
Gone are the days of matchy-matchy rooms and simple contrasts. What works today is sass & boldness be it in attitude, lifestyle, fashion or décor! So what is IN are rooms that incorporate innovative design styles with classic decorative elements to create a dramatic yet elegant design statement. And when you take upon yourself the challenge of designing your own room, it is imperative to understand that it’s your personality, aura and your design aesthetics that come into play and set the mood & tone of the entire space.
What you read further will give you an insight into the basics of designing your room be it the living area, dining area or your bedroom and converting those most crucial spaces into warm, inviting and visually delightful living spaces. Follow a few simple steps and you would be shocked with the results that follow:

Find an inspiration- for your room which could be your favorite color, a piece of fabric, a chair, a fashion outfit or even a painting.

Choose the color palette- based upon your inspiration. This should ideally be three but if the designer in you wishes to be more experimental, you could just add a forth color only to accent up in the final stages of design.

Play upon the pattern mix-
that works best for you. Again three is the ideal number of patterns that you should use with variation to scale (from large to small) being the key to successful mixing.

Mixing of patterns- Your topmost pattern must be picked carefully since it makes the strongest statement in your room. If your first pattern is a large floral, the second pattern could be a plaid, a paisley or a geometric shape that has some of the same colors as that of the first pattern. The third pattern can be similar to either of the first two patterns but must be smaller in scale. A smaller floral would go beautifully with a larger floral and a stripe. The forth/ complimentary pattern could be a tiny check, a textile motif or a printed texture to be used in corners/ sides of the room to add to the finesse.

Mixing of colors-
Do not mix pastels with primary colors, or muted with vibrant jewel tones. A large floral, a smaller floral, a stripe and a check will work together if they are made from the same set of colors with similar hues & nuances. For instance, several shades of brown and tan with muted shades of red and green create a calming but interesting atmosphere.

Consider fabric feel- Be aware that there's more to a fabric than simply its color. All fabrics have a personality or a feel which distinguishes them from each other. Most people would identify damask for example, as a formal fabric, even if they didn't know its rightful name! Conversely, most people would agree that muslin or cotton are examples of casual, informal fabrics. These levels of formality absolutely come into play when you're mixing patterns.

Watch your weight-
Avoid putting all patterned pieces together on one side of a room. They'll throw the whole space off balance. Distributing solids and patterns smoothly throughout the room will provide an aesthetically pleasant look. Also remember that other elements of the room such as POP designs; paneling, furniture, wall art pieces, lighting, flooring and accessories contain patterns that should be considered part of the overall grander scheme.

Be careful with whites-
When you choose whites, keep them in the same family, whether it’s cream, off-white, beiges or milky white. If your whites don't match, the fabric will stand out and take away the beauty of the scheme already developed. However within a combination of any whites with a solid color, you may play upon variations in shades & hues of the solid color.

Think function- Pattern can have a big impact on how a room feels. If you're trying to pull a space together and create harmony, think larger patterns. Want to draw attention to one part of a room--smaller patterns will do the trick. Also consider an overall pattern personality. Busy patterns will up the energy quotient in a room while simple or pale patterns will promote calm & serenity.

Cheat with companion fabrics- As of today many furnishing companies have made the pattern-mixing process easier by creating what they call companion fabrics. They've created three to four patterns all designed to exist harmoniously in one room. All you have to do is choose a color palette you like, and the patterns are already coordinated for you. This gives you the confidence to mix up more and even work on bolder coordinates entirely on your own.
Cohesive mix of Furniture and Accessories- Your theme will come into play in deciding upon the choice of your furniture and accessories. Contemporary & Modern themes will feature softened, rounded lines and contain neutral elements with pops of bold color. Clean and streamlined, modern style is characterized by a neutral color palette, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. A classic theme incorporates into its domain the earthy wooden teak furniture with strong rustic elements in the form of accessories like the buffet tables, armoires or even nightstands. Such a traditional design is comfortable and classic, featuring furnishings that are consistent in style. It may not be an unexpected look, but it's timeless and can still look fresh. Mid-century modern style is characterized by simplicity and natural shapes. It is often emphasized by ample windows, an open floor plan, minimal yet strong furniture pieces and loads of outdoor inside your room in the form of huge planters and lighting elements. Cottage/ Country design is a colorful, comfortable look characterized by painted and decorated furniture with graceful lines. If you can't choose one style, go eclectic. It's a mixture of different styles and periods, but pulls the look together through a similar texture, finish, pattern or color. But whatever the theme that you may choose, make sure that you add at least one single piece of furniture/ accessory that serves as the focal point or the transitional piece that breaks the monotony of the room.

Be Cautious with lighting & Shades-
If you need to add color or texture to a room, an interesting lampshade will add just the boost you are looking for. Look for a shade with a bold pattern, an interesting texture or decorative touches like beads or tassels and you are already half done with your lighting plan. Lighting adds both visual and physical warmth within a room. Without proper lighting, even the most stylish space isn't truly complete. Every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to set a mood and provide sufficient illumination. Table and floor lamps, which typically fall under the task lighting category, are especially important because they play both a functional and decorative role in your home. Size, shape and style all need to be taken into account when selecting lights & lamps. If you're going for a modern or contemporary look think simple and streamlined when selecting lamps. Currently in vogue, slim bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama to a space without overpowering its other décor. Shades with a tapered shape tend to blend well with traditional decor. Pendant lights are the perfect addition to any kitchen island. Not only do they provide task lighting, but they also continue the style of the space. Use stainless steel shades for a sleek contemporary look or colorful ones for an eclectic style.
So go ahead and take the plunge! Design your room and spaces with flair and élan just like any design professional. Do not let the fear of mixing colors or combining patterns or choosing the right furniture & accessories deprive you of the pleasure that you alone can derive of creating a space which is truly and uniquely your own. After all this space alone experiences a place in your heart that lives with you through all your emotions of happiness, joy, despair, wisdom, knowledge and even belongingness.
Casa Paradox launches its Exclusive range of Sea Shells
This MONSOON add a fresh unique look to your home with the new range of shells from Casa Paradox. Adorn your house with this excellent range of coral decorative pieces. Polished in gold these shells are the most corporeal way to capture the spirit of the seas and oceans.

Since ancient times, shells have sustained this aura of mystery around themselves. Through various cultures they have found significant place in fables and fairy tales. As the summer heat settles in more adamantly this time bring home these glistening shells ushering nature’s mystic beauty along with it. These pieces are available in a variety of shapes and sizes too.
Striving to strike the chords of creativity and perfection each time, Raseel Gujral Ansal, Creative Head, Casa Paradox, showcases this mesmerizing new set shells. Polished to attain that sparkling finish, these shells are available in hues of pearly white, blue, mauve, pink, yellow and gold.
CASA PARADOX: The name “Casa Paradox” spells fine living. The store embodies global refinement and an indigenous design sense reflective of the contemporary & classic designs from the world of interiors. The creative calling of India’s leading interior designer Ms. Raseel Gujral and her businessman husband Mr. Navin Ansal, Casa Paradox is India's premier design and lifestyle furniture store. Mr. & Mrs. Ansal founded Casa Paradox in November 1993 as a Private Limited Company with the object of carrying out the business of interior designing, manufacturing and supplying furniture and home accessories. For the last 2 decades, Raseel Gujral has been designing dream houses for her clients and has also created a niche for herself in the field of retail furnishing. While Raseel takes care of designing, Navin heads the business aspect.

An extremely original & personal signature characterizes this brand, which is synonymous with innovation, style and glamour. Casa Paradox intends to transform the existence of its customers by providing a space that is wondrous yet comfortable, with the only constant being luxury and elegance. The collection is unusual with its commitment to both the eye and the hand of great design. The couple creates designs by borrowing elements from the past and fusing them with international contemporary trends and the sensibilities of their clients.

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