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India Fashion Quiz

If you are a beauty with brains, a trend setting style diva or a young trendy girl to whom fashion is a way of life, the following Questions can win you a fashion fortune. Take our Fashion Quiz and try your luck to be the Proud Winner of latest and the trendiest fashion accessories and body pampering services you always wished to avail them.
Let your fashion knowledge make you feel special!

Q1. What is an LBD?
a. Long Backless Dress
b. Long Black Dress
c. Little Black Dress
d. Little Blue Dress
Q2. What does VLCC stand for?
a. Veena Lamba's Curls and Curves
b. Vandana Luthra's Curls and Curves
c. Vandana Luthra's Curls and Contour
d. Veena Lamba's Curves and Contour
Q3. Where is Devigarh Resort located?
a. Punjab
b. Rajasthan
c. Maharashtra
d. Gujrat


Q5. Hotel Clarion was earlier known as :
a. F Bar
b. Qutab Hotel
c. Claridges
d. Hotel Ashok

Q7. Who is the brand ambassador of jewellery brand Mirari?
a. Bipasha Basu
b. Kalyani Chawla
c. Anushka Shankar
d. Kareena Kapoor

Q9.. Telia Rumaal  is a piece of
exotic craft from:

a. Gujrat
b. Rajsthan
c. Kashmir
d. Andhra Pradesh

Q11.Which Group brings out fashion magazine 'Vogue India'?
a. Conde Naste
b. India Today
c. The Times Group
d. The Images
Q4. Who owns Manre, Delhi's leading Bar and Lounge?
a. Dhiraj Arora
b. Ramola Bachchan
c. Marut Sikka
d. Saurabh Khanijo

Q6. Which fashion store was recently inaugurated by actress Karishma Kapoor?
a. Kapil and Monika Arora
b. Mai
c. Crossover Bollywood
d. Ogaan

Q8. Who is Leena Mogre?
a. Actress
b. Fitness Instructor
c. Fashion Stylist
d. Air Hostes

Q10. Who owns Home Decor Store FCML?
a. Raseel Gujral
b. Kalyani Chawla
c. Pallavi Khandelwal
d. Parmeshwar Godrej

Q12. Who is the President of FDPC?
a. Sunil Sethi
b. Vijay Singh
c. Anil Chopra
d. Sumit Nair
Q13.Which NGO has fashion designer Leena Singh joined recently?
a. CRY
b. Khushii
c. Sahmat
d. Palna
Q14. Who is the fashion editor of
a. Bandana Tiwari
b. Vinod Nair
c. Shalini Chauhan
d. Shefali Vasudev
Q15. Your opinion on in 300words:
Kindly submit your complete answers along with your opinion on, to be the lucky winner of India Fashion Quiz.

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The winners

1. Swati Singh, Ghaziabad, UP
2. Neelanjli Sharma, New Delhi
3. Nidhi Rana, Noida, UP
4. Anushree Bhatnagar, New Delhi
5. Upasana Singh, New Delhi
6. Swati Gupta, New Delhi
7. Shipra Singh, Faridabad
8. Poonam Sharma, Delhi
9. Rajshree Singh, Delhi
10. Huma Rizvi, Noida, UP

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