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 Look younger as you grow older with Jafra Ruchi's Royal Jelly!
The one thing that women have loved since ages is being appreciated for their beauty. Even if you are the most beautiful person on this earth, you still need an extra care to maintain or get the gorgeous skin and healthy body that everyone craves for.

Jafra Ruchi the beauty brand has launched their Royal Jelly range of collection, to help women get a healthy glowing skin, with a soft and supple radiance.


The Royal Jelly comes with rejuvenating benefits which includes scientific advancements from the most sophisticated laboratories in France and Switzerland.

Made by combining energising ingredients such as sunflower, sprouts and myrtle extract and herbal antioxidants, this Royal Jelly promises a smooth and moisturized skin.

Available at a range of Rs 1101 to Rs. 1401, this Jelly comes in various forms known as Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate, Royal Jelly Milk balm, Royal Jelly Body Complex and Royal Jelly Hand Complex.

So get ready to discover the beautiful you!

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